Goalkeeper Development Centre

FITC Goalkeeper Development Centre is an intense mental and physical programme built to fit any goalkeeper of any age, gender, experience and ability. All exercises challenge each and every goalkeeper to exceed beyond their own expectations and help them become a well-rounded and polished goalkeeper.

The Development Centre will act as a direct feeder to FITC Academy and members of the Development Centre may get called up to play in fixtures throughout the season.

FITC Goalkeeping will focus on; Footwork, Taking Crosses, Positioning, Handling, Communication Skills, 1v1 Techniques, Starting Positions, Agility, Shot Stopping and Distribution (kicking and throwing)

The sessions have been professionally designed and will be run very similar to those sessions that take place at FITC Academy.

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Goalkeeper Training for Grassroots Clubs

We at FITC Academy are pleased to announce that we will be offering a Goalkeeping Programme to local grassroots clubs in order to enhance and improve their Clubs Goalkeepers technique, confidence and knowledge.

The way we will look to do this is operate a Goalkeeping Programme in which we will cover a variety of different Goalkeeping topics. The topics we will coach are:

  • Handling

  • Diving

  • Distribution

  • Dealing with high balls (Crossing)

  • 1v1’s

  • Footwork

  • Shot Stopping

  • Diving at Feet

  • Communication

  • Positioning

  • Decision Making

  • Match Preperation

  • Match Play

We aim to ensure that with our sessions, the Goalkeepers will:

  • Enjoy being a Goalkeeper

  • Develop a confidence in their position

  • Gain a tactical understanding (age relevant)

All the topics that we will cover are planned sessions which take into consideration each individual’s needs. All the sessions will also cover the technical, tactical, physical & mental attributes of a Goalkeeper.

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