About Us

The FITC Academy is based on the ‘Pass and Move’ coaching style and aims to coach and improve talented young footballers. This programme concentrates on improving the first touch, technique and match-play of young players. Added to that, it develops the speed of play, passing, movement and thought. Most importantly, we aim to highlight to young players the importance of awareness and decision-making when playing football.

Our Objective

FITC Academy aim to identify players of advanced ability and potential and to help with their development by giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to allow them to progress as far as possible within the game. Although there is a genuine opportunity for players with the correct attitude and ability to achieve trials at a professional Academy/School of Excellence. It is important to realise that hard work and effort is needed by the player as well.

Training Sessions

Our sessions are designed to improve a player’s ability and instincts while giving them the confidence to receive the ball. The focus is on passing, movement, technique, match play and defending/finishing, combined with decision making which will improve the natural ability of young players. We will end with topic-related games.  Individual progress reports will be provided to each player on a 2-3month basis and discussed with their parent/guardian

Links to Professional Clubs

Due to the links and contacts that we have at FITC, scouts and staff from Professional Football Clubs will have invitations to attend the sessions to watch and assess the young players in the group. We also play matches against the Pro Clubs such as Colchester United, Ipswich Town and Norwich City. Any players who interest the professional scouts will be granted permission to speak with the parent/guardian of the player.

Our Academy Teams
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